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The auction is organized by Euro Estates, a national company specialized in auction organization, with several years of experience in the national market

For each auction, Euro Estates establishes a partnership with one or more reputable institutions, referred in the catalog, that intend to sale properties they own also represented in the auction.

A real estate auction is an alternative way of buying and selling properties, very common in other countries, where sellers and buyers of properties get together to achieve, in a public act, rapid and transparent, its businesses. As in any other type of auction, properties are submitted to auction at an initial price, usually very attractive, after which they are bid for the best offer.

At a real estate auction customers have the possibility of selecting, from a wide set of properties, that or those of interest, with the chance of getting it at an advantageous price and/or, in case they are interested, to cover other offers made, ensuring the buy of a property to which it assigns a value that varies between individuals.

Euro Estates promotes real estate auctions of every kind, from houses to stores, offices, lands, etc. However, at each auction, Euro Estates tries to keep some uniformity of typologies, geographic zones and properties characteristics.

Lots go to auction with pauses of about 2 to 3 minutes, following the order they appear on the catalog.
When the lot in which tue customer is interested goes to square, after it is announced the base value of bidding, you should lift the racquet that it has been provided in the beginning of the session.
Values successively higher for bidding at each property will be defined at the moment by the auctioneer that drives the auction.
Once the highest offer is received, the auctioneer will repeat it and, if there will not exist a higher offer, it will adjudicate the lot to the relevant bidder.

The date, time and place of each auction is usually advertised in the media, about one month prior to the day of the auction.

Euro Estates provides three simple ways of knowing all on the properties: a call center, a website or a paper catalog.

Call Center
Euro Estates provides, during the commercial period associated to each auction, a call center (+351 21 301 31 41/2) available between 9h30 and 19h00, to provide all information concerning the properties, the auction or to send you the relevant catalog.

All information and an interactive catalog are available at our website

The catalog gathers all information on properties, bidding systems, contract models and more information related to the auction. This catalog will be sent to you at cost price, and can be requested by the above telephone, fax number +351 21 3013143, email: geral@euroestates.pt, or by mail to:

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